A classic course that has
stood the test of time

…and still remains as compelling in the modern age.

Oshawa’s golf course is engaging, intriguing, and fun to play. Walkable, with rambling land that means you’ll face a wide variety of shots, this is a classic and historic design that is an oasis in the heart of the city. In many ways it is a city course where you’ll readily forget the outside world, as it blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

More than a century after the course was conceived, Oshawa remains a truly engaging golf experience, one we’re sure you’ll enjoy for years to come.

An oasis in
the city

“Oshawa has moments that are quite delightful, and holes that are both architecturally intriguing and make great use of some fine land,” wrote Canadiangolfer.com, while One Golfer’s Travel blog called it “excellent.”

That was also the take of noted designer Tom Mackenzie, of the firm Mackenzie & Ebert, who has worked on a restoration plan. “An oasis in the city,” is how Mackenzie described the course.


With demands on time becoming the norm, slipping away to hit a bucket of balls is one of great charms of belonging to a private club. Oshawa’s range, with is bentgrass tee deck, chipping and putting greens allow you to work on your game at your leisure, something that’s not always common at historic golf facilities.

The Two Iron Lounge:

A great golf club engages its members year-round. That’s the case with Oshawa G&CC, where indoor simulators in our Two Iron Lounge allow members to play great courses from around the world in those snowy winter months without leaving the club. With leagues, club fitting and instructions, all powered by Foresight Launch Monitors, Oshawa offers members the ability to enjoy golf regardless of the season.


George Cumming

One of the founders of golf in Canada, George Cumming, the long-time head professional at Toronto Golf Club, was a golf architect who found great properties and turned them into equally terrific golf courses. Cumming’s work at Oshawa showcases his ingenuity in using the property in imaginative ways, creating a walkable golf experience that’s unforgettable and never plays the same way twice.

Stanley Thompson

A protégé of George Cumming, Thompson started working in golf design following World War I. The most famed of Canadian golf architects, Thompson renovated Oshawa, tweaking the original design throughout his career.

Tom Mackenzie

One of the principals of Mackenzie & Ebert, a noted firm in the U.K. with an extensive history of working on some of the best courses in the world, Tom Mackenzie has created a long range plan for Oshawa to restore many important features lost over time. In addition to their impressive record of work, Mackenzie & Ebert operate within certain design philosophies that align with Oshawa’s own initiatives. The firm is dedicated to environmental sustainability and seeks to limit their environmental impact as much as possible.

“As a member of Oshawa, you are part owner of a national treasure and heritage landscape. The relatively small number of these in Canada means you are a member of an exclusive club with pride in preserving it for future generations to enjoy.”

—Former Stanley Thompson Executive Director, Grant Forrest