Oshawa is one of the most historic clubs in Canada, having formed in 1906. The club’s commitment to its classic golf course is captured in its mission statement: “Building upon our rich history and tradition, we provide the highest standard of sporting and social member experience in the Durham Region.”

As the club’s values speak to the importance of being best-in-class, in recent years Oshawa has retained the services of Mackenzie & Ebert, one of the most significant golf course architecture firms in the world. Oshawa recognizes sustainable member clubs pay significant attention to their key assets, in this case our golf course, which is attributed to designer Stanley Thompson.

As such, under the direction of Tom Mackenzie, a partner in Mackenzie & Ebert, Oshawa has entered into a long-range plan designed to foster general improvements in the design over coming years.

Mackenzie & Ebert

Globally renowned for their expertise in golf course architecture, Tom Mackenzie and Martin Ebert have undertaken of some of the game’s most significant course renovations. With a record of excellence that spans 30 years, the duo’s eponymous firm has completed works with seven out of ten British Open venues, as well as working in various advisory roles with over 50 of the top 100 courses in Great Britain and Ireland. With their roots in the United Kingdom—the home of golf—the firm has an extensive record of updating some of the game’s most classic layouts, while staying true to the courses’ heritage and original vision.

An environmental approach

Mackenzie & Ebert operate within certain design philosophies that align with the initiatives of Oshawa G&CC. The firm is dedicated to environmental sustainability and seeks to limit their environmental impact as much as possible and advocates for limiting extensive land removal, instead opting to work in harmony with the natural landscape to gently form a golf course.