Key Staff Contacts


Operations Manager Membership/Corporate Sales

(905) 449-4681


Course Superintendent

(905) 725-9511


Food and Beverage Manager

905-723-4681 Ext. 314


Executive Chef

905-723-4681 Ext. 322

Guest Information

Dress Code

In keeping with the traditions of a private club and the standards desired by the membership as a whole, certain guidelines for appropriate attire for the various activities at the club have been adopted. We wish to identify a selection of mandatory and optional attire that will assist you and your guests in the full enjoyment of the club and its activities. When in doubt, please ask our professional staff.

Golf Course

• Golf attire must be tailored and in good taste.
• Tailored knee to mid-thigh shorts are permitted.
• Golf sandals are permitted.
• Hats are to be worn properly.
• Socks are optional. If worn with shorts, socks must be ankle or knee-high length (colour must be in good taste).
• For inclement or cold weather, nylon warm-ups or rain suits over golf attire may be worn.
• Non-golf related logo’s may not exceed four inches in diameter.
• Short and long sleeve mock turtlenecks are permitted.
Cargo shorts are permitted providing they are tailored and in good taste.

Men Specific

• Golf shirts must have a collar or turtleneck or mock turtleneck with sleeves and must be worn tucked into trousers.

Ladies Specific

• Tailored blouses or golf shirts must have a collar or sleeves or both.
• Shirts must be tucked in/out as designed by manufacturer.
• Capri slacks are acceptable.
• Yoga pants/leggings may only be worn as undergarments beneath pants, shorts, skorts and skirts.

Examples of prohibited attire

• Jeans, jean jackets, denim outfits.
• Jogging pants, rugby pants, tee shirts, tank tops and tube tops.
• Short Shorts.
• Turf damaging shoes or street shoes.


Attire outlined under golf is acceptable, curling attire acceptable during curling season.

Clubhouse, Indoor & Outdoor Dining Areas

• Smart Casual – Jacket and tie are not mandatory.
• Men are not to wear headgear in the clubhouse. The only exception is in the 2i Lounge Golf Simulator area, please ensure when coming to or from the 2i Lounge to remove your headgear.
• Collared shirt and slacks are appropriate.
• Children under thirteen must be properly attired.
• Denim skirts, dresses and shirts are permitted.
• Jeans in good taste are permitted, meaning not be torn, frayed, ripped, tattered or dirty and must be worn snuggly above the hips.

Examples of prohibited attire

• Jogging pants, rugby pants, tee shirts, tank tops and tube tops.
• Short Shorts.
• Attire with large writing, logos and outside stitching of contrasting colour.

Cell Phone Use


Mobile communication devices shall be set on vibrate or silent mode only. Cell phone calls shall not be initiated or continued after answering in any area where food and beverages are served. Members and Guests are asked to exercise every courtesy while using cell phones, personal digital assistants and laptop computers.

Golf Course / Practice Facilities / Curling Rink

Mobile Communication Devices shall be set on vibrate or silent mode only. Mobile Communication Devices may not be used if they affect pace of play or if the conversation can be heard by others.