Welcome to the Pro Shop

The new pro shop has beautiful bright look.  Although the footprint of the pro shop got slightly smaller, the open concept combined with lots of windows make the shop look brighter, more spacious, and less cluttered.  The total retail space is very similar in size and much more functional meaning we can still have fully stocked pro shop full of all the latest and greatest products and apparel at affordable member pricing.  Check out our new pro shop magazine showcasing some the great products Oshawa has to offer this season.
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Pro Shop July Promotions

New Initiatives from the Pro Shop

Bag Drop

With the increase in guest play this season and the focus on service and the member and guest experience, there will be a bag drop attendant in place each day during peak times. This person will professionally greet all members and guests at the bag drop and will provided the necessary information about the club and guest lockers if required.

Driving Range

New Oshawa logo den caddies will be used at the south end of the driving range and last year’s den caddies will be fully stocked at the north end of the driving range.  So please do not take any of the den caddies from the south end to the north end.   Reminder that the north end of the driving range is use primarily for teaching.  Members who would like to have a quiet and long practice session may use the north end.  Members that are looking to warm up before their round are asked to remain at the south end of the driving range.

Club Cleaning

The membership spoke and we will listen. After reviewing the member survey from last season, there was a lot of positive feedback regarding the golf operation.  Our biggest let down was club cleaning and we a committed to improving that.  Club cleaning machines are going to be mandatory for all our staff to use going forward.