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As I sit back and reflect on my first year as Chair of the Junior Committee, I can’t help but think of all the support the membership provided to the program this year. Steve Cattell, Marcel Provenzano and Matthew Wilson were patient enough to work with me over the last 8 months to develop, organize and support the junior program. I truly thank them for their perspectives and commitment to the juniors.

The committee had a simple goal. Work with the pros to increase participation through a focus on inclusivity. But how? What did we believe that our junior members wanted? How could we fund our objectives given the juniors don’t have a junior prize fund? The fundraising ideas started to flow and the membership rallied starting with the club opening night event where we raised over $4,000 for the program. Additional members provided support throughout the year to help fund events and the Hayball Invitational. At the junior closing an additional $200 was donated in support of that evening’s prize table. I want to thank, on behalf of the junior committee and members everyone who supported the junior program through donations and/or their time. The pro shop staff - in particular Charlie Doherty, the Food and Beverage staff - Dan for hanging out with our juniors when they bellied up to the bar, Frances for handling their dinner/banquet needs and Holly/ Barb for ensuring we had great dinner options for the juniors after league nights and events.

Without the support, our 2018 season would not have as successful as it was. The program grew to 57 junior members (at last count). Charlie made sure the league night formats were interesting and challenging but also focused on inclusivity for golfers of all skill levels. Our leagues were extremely well attended, and participation was up year-over-year as a result. We held our first Big Break challenge. We had on-course competitions - including a visit from Derek Gillespie (thanks again Derek). Personal bests were rewarded on league nights as well as team/individual performances - format dependent. The prizes were plentiful and spread around. All in all, the season was a success and the junior program is truly open to all of our junior members.

On the competitive circuit(s), our juniors represented the club extremely well. Whether it was at interclub competitions, GAO events, Durham Junior Golf Tour events, Canadian Championships or other events in Canada or the U.S. they did us and OG&CC proud. If you run into any of the following Junior members: Megan Fitchett, Madeline Boyd, Ethan Cardwell, Nolan Pierce, Justin Matthews and our Junior Club Champion Ethan Phillips, be sure to congratulate them on their spectacular seasons. All of these junior members have very bright futures in this game.

Our program will continue to evolve in 2019 as we look to include a panel of junior golfers as advisers to the junior committee. We have some big ideas and hope to grow the program and increase participation levels further. This won’t be possible without the continued support of the membership. You will be hearing about our plans over the coming months as we look to maintain the program’s momentum in 2019. Please follow the on-line updates and Instagram group (ogcc_ juniors) to keep informed.

The junior committee and junior members thank you for all of your support during the 2018 season.

Michael Densham
Junior Golf Chair

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