OGCC Golf Academy

It’s April now and the course is looking greener each week. Most of you are excited about playing your first rounds of the year and I can definitely say that I am too. I’m also excited for a second reason; we have created some awesome new instruction streams for our members to enjoy during the golf season. Golf to me is the best sport out there, and while you are a member at the OGCC why not play the best golf of your life?

Junior Golf Teaching Program

We have expanded our junior program to include younger age groups. If you’re a parent who wants to start your child in the sport, this is the perfect start for juniors of all ages. We are introducing a hats program that will work similarly to a belt program in martial arts; we are also encouraging parent caddies on our Monday junior nights! Monday nights will be league play, and Thursday nights will be practice groups. The goal for this program is to develop the skills for a lifetime of enjoying the game, and to have fun whilst doing it! If you sign up your child for coaching, the price will include the Monday junior league.
JR Golf Teaching Program Details

Learn to Golf

Continuing with the success of our Learn to Golf program, we have reviewed our clinic curriculum to better prepare new golfers to fully integrate with the club. Golf is a hard sport; there is no denying it, and you can’t become a proficient golfer in just a few lessons; it just doesn’t work that way. Our goal with the Learn to Golf Clinics is to provide a clear pathway to improvement, and strategies to keep that process fun so that new golfers want to come and practice, and become a golfer for life. Golf is a fantastic sport, and a little bit of help can go a long way! If you have any questions, please email me at jakem@oshawagolf.com.


New Resources for Students

How to Register

To register for any of these programs please do one of the following:


Here are testimonials from some of my students from our winter programs.
I’ve never taken indoor golf instruction before, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  My first meeting with Jake included a discussion of my goals for the upcoming season - improving my contact and increasing my club-head speed to lower my handicap by two strokes.  Jake developed a written plan for me in order to meet my goals and sent it to me for my input.  We discussed the plan at our second lesson.  We now get together for one hour of instruction and one hour of monitored practice each week working with a launch monitor and I receive “homework” each week to reinforce my new learnings according to our plan.  I think I’ve made some really positive changes.  I look forward to the upcoming season and appreciate Jake’s expertise in helping me improve.
~ Gloria Schwabe
My son Owen started with a lesson with Jake back in the summer, when I mentioned it to Owen the response I got was “I am good already I don’t need lessons”.  At the end of the first lesson Owen was asking me to book more.  Owen started indoor golf instruction this winter and the results are amazing.  Owen has come so far in a very short period of time. One of Owen’s goals is to make his high school golf team come September and with Jake’s coaching this goal seems to be well in reach.  We totally believe the best way to achieve your goals, is hard work, dedication and a coach that supports and has your back the entire way.  This is Jake 100% for sure.  Owen is looking forward to the upcoming season and thankful for Jake’s help.”
~ Lisa Taylor
Participating this winter in ‘Jake McNulty Golf’, I have found Jake to be passionate about using his knowledge to teach golfers how to improve their skills and game. He is generous with his time, decisive in suggesting corrections and thorough in his approach to swing improvement and golf course management. Changing technique has been challenging but with prescribed at-home practice it is happening! The power swing suggestions have definitely helped me get my distance back. Basically, working with Jake is a fun experience with positive outcomes. I am confident my handicap will be back to where it should be this upcoming season!
~ Mary Wilson